Me and my fiancé started the ring shopping process back in august 2020 and let's just say, it's one of the more overwhelming things we began doing together... until we found evermark jewelry. I had no idea what I wanted and there was too many choices, to many variables and ... had no idea where to start. I felt like every store just wanted the sale and that's about it. When we found Evermark, they immediately greeted us warmly and then took the time out to have a consultation process which and then based on our likes, must-haves and budget, only then did they suggest my dream ring that I absolutely fell in love with. It even fit Greg's budget to boot so he was happy. Anyway the time they took to listen to us and then guide us with their expertise makes this the only place to shop for engagement rings! Read More
Evermark jewelry is the best place to find the right wedding jewelry to make your marriage special. When you go to Evermark jewelry. upon entering, you are greeted with a smile and a warm greeting. the environment is professional, warm and friendly. they have a great selection of engagement rings ... and will work with you to find the perfect ring that fits you. They are one of the few jewelry stores that really take time to listen to what you want then give guidance based on your needs. They are so knowledgable that they made the whole process easy and enjoyable. This jewelry store is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend them. And they have such a vast selection of jewelry that I am planning on making Evermark my destination Jeweler for my anniversary and all my other special occasion needs. Evan L, Atlanta, Georgia Read More
"When I think of Evermark, I think of outstanding quality, the best customer service, and positive experiences. My most memorable pieces are my high school graduation, 21st birthday, 25th birthday gift from my grandparents, my engagement ring, and finally my "push" gift for my son. Every time I open my ... jewelry box, I receive a flood of positive memories, I owe these to Evermark Jewelry." Read More
I just discovered Evermark Jewelry, a new Jewelry store located in Peachtree Parkway. It is a brand new fine jewelry store in a gorgeous new building that was just constructed in Johns Creek area. They have a vast jewelry selection with jewelry for every budget and age group. They are ... definitely a Gem and a great discovery! My favorite was this great trendy 14 Karat Gold Jewelry line that fits the everyday casual lifestyle that I have seen all over social media. They are meant to be worn layered and stacked, begin at affordable price points. Anyway, I bought my first thin stack band and ear cuff and will definitely be adding to my collection every chance I have.. Ashlyn P..., Johns Creek, Georgia Read More

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