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EvermarkBell Gold Circle IconWe began our journey in 1979 as Treasures International and grew to become one of the largest premier manufacturers and wholesalers of fine jewelry and diamonds in the Southeast.

Today the world has changed and we know that you have choices. Our guiding principle has always been about providing high-quality pieces at fair prices, and now we’re opening our vaults to allow customers an exclusive peek at our expansive collection.

We have been in business for 30+ years so we are experts at what we do. Our products are superior in quality because we work with master artisans and skilled craftspeople from all over the world. The precious metals, diamonds, and jewels we utilize in our classic designs far exceed those used by our competitors in terms of grade, weight, clarity, cut, etc.

Though highly professional, our business is also personal. We have developed multigenerational levels of trust for the people & businesses we have served. We have earned this trust and know that fine jewelry has always been seen as a great investment that typically increases in value over time.


Our Philosophy...

We believe how we accomplish what we do matters! Our commitment is to continue working towards a better future within our own community, looking at every detail.


See our Difference…

We say fine jewelry is for every day. From our fair + transparent pricing without the traditional markup to our beautiful craftsmanship, mark every occasion with Evermark Jewelry.



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