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“Traditional brands in our industry mark-up 3-5 x’s the actual cost.

We believe in fair and transparent pricing.

We bring you exquisite styles and the finest quality jewelry

without the traditional markups.”

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"When I think of Evermark, I think of outstanding quality, the best customer service, and positive experiences.  My most memorable pieces are my high school graduation, 21st birthday, 25th birthday gift from my grandparents, my engagement ring, and finally my "push" gift for my son. Every time I open my jewelry box, I receive a flood of positive memories, I owe these to Evermark Jewelry." - Jennifer A.

Engagement & Wedding Ring Consultation 

Let one of our engagement specialists help you find the ultimate expression of love and commitment. We’re pleased to assist with any questions you may have and encourage you to make an appointment to find your perfect ring.

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